Course Completion

I have a course that wont complete on the LMS - it’s comprised of very basic interactions. No assessment. On Live Preview this is what it says:

Completed - False
Progress - 90%
Completion Progress - 0%
Score - NaN%
Tracking Status - Incomplete
Tracking Status Set By - Course Completion

What am I missing? New to Evolve. Have always used other authoring tools. Thank you!

Hi @inspectorio
it’s a little hard to diagnose without seeing the course, but some things to check are:
-do you have the right extension enabled? looks like you would want course attainment enabled
-have you set that extension to complete by components completed? Are the relevant components you want to count towards completion included?
If you DM me a link to your course I can take a look.

Thanks, can you send me a DM, I cant seem to send you one?

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