URGENT - My course progress isn't tracking in the LMS

Hi. My course isnt tracking and saving in our LMS. As Im progressing through the course the % completion is showing correctly but then the LMS isnt recognising that the course is complete and when I relaunch the course it hsnt saved my progress.

I really need help ith this as the clinet is ready to launch.

Hi @LukeGoodwin,

How is your course tracking to completion - is it an assessment, or just completing everything?

first things to check are:

Do you have the right kind of completion set in Course Settings > Behaviour?
Do you have the relevant extension enabled for course assessment/attainment if applicable?

Have you tried running the course in SCORM cloud to check if its tracking there?


Hi Sam

I have the behaviour set as Logic Completion and the method as Set in individual pages.

in certain pages I also have it set to complete once specific components are completed.

i have MCQs within the course but I dont have what you may call a traditional assessmnt.

Can I also ask do I always need to choose Use Advanced Tracking when publishing?

Kind regards

hmm - I dont think you do need advanced tracking. If you could DM me a link to your course in the editor I can check for any obvious issues. Thanks-Sam

Also check the browser console (press F12 whilst the course is running from the LMS to view this) to see if there are any obvious errors being generated

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