Article not marking as complete

Hello, in several of my current courses I am seeing the same issue.
All components on the page are completed; however, the article itself is not being marked as complete. This is preventing users from being able to recieve 100% completion. How do I fix this?

Hi Samantha,

Is that ALL of the components within that article? Are any not shown in the list/hidden from view? Do you have any hidden components in the page builder?

@hbailey it is set to all page components completed. There are no hidden or disabled components. As I mentioned this is happening in more than 1 of my courses currently… very strange, I have not come across this issue before.

Do you have any image sliders?

If you can DM me a link to the course we can take a look?

Hi, I don’t know if this might help, but what browser are your users using?
I have occasionally had the same issue with modules created using Learning Pool’s Adapt which seems very similar to Evolve (but not as good as Evolve, obviously! :smiley: ). This happens if they are using Internet Explorer; as soon as they change to a different browser, the problem is solved