Achieving completion on branching component

I’ve created a branching exercise which is for formative learning, so not linked to any assessment. However, on completion It doesn’t mark 100% on the menu completion status and it seems to me (although I’m sure it’s because I don’t understand) that different routes return a random % complete status. How do I make the completion status reflect the relative activity status and, more importantly, if I reach the end, state 100% complete on the menu?

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If you go into one of your end items you need to toggle on Is Correct Item? As it says - Set component as correct if this item is reached. This can only be used on an item at the end of a branch.

Hi, thank you for responding. Frustratingly all end items are marked as ‘on’ for ‘Is Correct’. The mystery continues…

Hello, has anyone found a solution to this? I’m having the same frustrating problem. I don’t want the Branching component to mark as complete/correct unless the user has reached the correct end. But no matter where they end up, even if it’s wrong, the course marks it as correct.

This is the only component type that does this. The others (multiple choice, sorting, etc.) only mark correct when the user gets it right.

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Hey! Could you private message me a link to your course and we can take a look for you?

Are you referring to the baked-in menu for Topics in Evolve @Mikeditch?

If so, go to the Course Builder (Content tab, top-left, second row) and click on Edit Course Settings on the top-most item:

Navigate down to the Behaviour tab on the left-hand side and select the drop-down for Page Completion Display Method. Select, “Set in Individual Pages.”:

This will now allow you to select any number of components on a page that have to be interacted with for the menu to display as 100% complete. Unsure if it will meet your needs exactly for the branching exercise, but I’ve found it extremely useful when you have hidden articles on a page that a user might see only under specific Logic conditions, or for other reasons.

Navigate to the Page Builder of the Page you’re having issues with and click on the Edit Page icon:

Click on the Behaviour tab here, select the drop-down under Page Completion Display Method, and choose, “Selected Page Components.”

This will present a new option titled Select Page Components with a button containing the text, “Show Components.” If you click that, you will be presented with a list of components on that page, Shown AND Hidden, and you can select the components that contribute to the completion percentage on the baked-in menu:

I should preface that this requires some semblance of a naming convention for the (Internal) titles of the components on the page at the very least.

As an easy test, just select the tick-box next to the upper most text component on the page (something unmissable by the learner) and then return to the menu to see if it has worked:

Before viewing Objective (set as the only component required for Page Completion Display)

After viewing just the Objective text component on the page and returning to the menu

Let me know if that is useful at all! A good use case is if you want a second Assessment in a course after already having used the Course Assessment Extension.

You can just make, say, 25 Articles containing 25 MCQs, and then use the above method to select those 25 MCQs as your Page Completion Display Method.

Each question with an answer submitted, i.e., a “Completed” component, will increase the completion bar in the baked-in menu.