Page progressing resetting when reopening a course

Hi all, has anyone come across this before?

I have a course where the final page has some optional questions. Course completion is therefore triggered with logic as an assessment score is not required. When a text component on the top of the final screen is seen the course sets a completion status which works perfectly in the LMS.

My issue lies with the page progress shown on the menu. As the questions are optional I have set the Page Completion Display Method to “Set in Individual Pages” and, for the final page, it is set to the same text component as mentioned above. If I view the page and return to the menu, it shows as 100% which is what should happen. However, if I close the course and then reopen it, the final page progress is back at 0%. Even though it previously said 100% and the LMS has recorded completion. Any ideas why this may be happening?

Additional information:

  • Bookmarking is set and works correctly
  • When reopening the course all progress is retained for all other pages, its just the final page where the issue lies
  • I’m using SCORM 1.2
  • I can’t use SCORM 2004 or advanced tracking; these have been tested and aren’t compatible with the LMS
  • I have tested in SCORM Cloud and get the same issue
  • I have contacted support and I’m awaiting an answer but in the meantime I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this

Appreciate your time reading through all that if you’ve made it this far

Hi there, my best guess would be that it’s a bug. If you have logged with support and included a course link we can investigate further. Cheers-Sam

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Cheers Sam - yes all info has been provided so will wait and see. Appreciate you answering yet another of my questions :slight_smile:

Absolutely no problem at all. I dont have time to check every day but do my best to check in here a couple of times a week, so we will always get to your questions before too long