Branching component Completion


I am using a Branching component as a short interim set of questions which need to be successfully completed to continue but are not part of the overall assessment of the course.

Currently, regardless of the score or path taken, the component marks itself as Complete when the user reaches any end point in the flow. This therefore changes the Interaction Label and unlocks anything set under Content Locking.

How can I set the component to only “complete” when either a set flow item, or score, is reached?

Hi @ChrisB - Under Behavior > Marking there’s a setting ‘Always Mark As Correct?’ that I think will allow you to control this? Check the help tooltip on that setting for more information.

Failing that I vaguely recall someone managing to do this by creating an option that re-routed the learner back to the start if they went down a ‘bad’ route… so that could be worth a try too.


Thank you for that.
‘Always Mark as Correct’ was unchecked as there were end points that didn’t want to Complete the component.

What has worked is the suggestion to route the ‘Incorrect’ end points back to the first item again. This bypasses the Assessment part of the Branching Component effectively adding your own ‘Try Again’ button as the only option on the relevant end points.

Thank you for your help.

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I’ve just come across this issue myself and found this thread.

The tooltip for the “Always Mark as Correct” setting reads:
“If this setting is turned off, an end item can be set to mark the component as complete.”

That’s true, with this turned off, each end item has a “Is correct item?” setting. But as Chris discovered, this setting makes no difference to completion. So what does “correct” mean in this context, if it doesn’t govern completion?

This seems like a bug to me. I think reaching an end item that is not set to correct should not complete the component.

So, having done some further digging into this - you’re quite right, it doesn’t have anything to do with completion. It’s for when you want to treat the Branching component as a question/part of an assessment. So essentially it will be ‘complete but incorrect’ or ‘complete but correct’.

Not necessarily, it’s a bit like when you have used up all your attempts at an MCQ but still haven’t answered it correctly i.e. it’s completed-but-incorrect.

I think there should be a setting for Completion Method like there is for Infographics?

This could allow the user to choose from options such as:

  • Component in view
  • Any end point reached
  • Pass Mark scored/Max retakes taken

That way the user can control progression without using work arounds.

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Thanks Matt for explaining, I hadn’t thought about assessment. That makes more sense now.

So in fact the only thing wrong here is that tooltip for “Always Mark as Correct”, which ought to read:

“If this setting is turned off, an end item can be set to mark the component as correct.”

Yes, good point. I will get that changed.