Component Behavior

I’m using a checklist as a “select one” style of question, which has an option of other and then including either an open input, text input, or text area where users could respond to what the “other” is that they’ve come up with. In case they don’t choose this option, I don’t want completion of the open input, text input, or text area to be required in order for the activity to be completed. I don’t see the completion options in any of these components behavior settings. Is there a way to do this?

For reference, here is a link to the Evolve Course: Evolve Authoring

We also are using this inline in Exceed, and activities in each section must be complete prior to moving on, which is why I don’t want this component to be required for the activity to be complete.

Hi there!

If you don’t want all the components in your course to be mandatory, you could enable the ‘Course Attainment’ extension. This allows you to select which components are required to meet the completion criteria for your course.

If the open input is the only optional component, set the Course Attainment Method to ‘Components’ and then select all the components in your course except the open input.

As you’re using Inline Mode you’ll need to enable ‘Should Hide Summary?’ in the extensions behaviour tab.

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