Navigate to incomplete components


I’m trying to see if there is a way to use triggers to either use logic dialog to show which components are incomplete or navigate to components that are incomplete. We are using the interactive labels to show if a component is incomplete but we may need another indicator for those who are less computer savvy.

Thank you

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Welcome Leighmer!

Take a look at the Progress Extension and see if that would work for your needs? The Learner can open the menu for the course/page and see what items they have or have not completed.

If that doesn’t work for you we can investigate your suggestion!


I do have the progress extension on but it seems that I need another way to indicate that something is done. I do see a “when page unloaded” trigger option. Do you know if this means when they exit the page? If so, maybe I can make it list which items have not been completed when they leave the page.


Keen to hear the answer to this one. If there is also any way to know if a page is complete when a learner is on the page, that’d also be great. Something like the page navigation, but with a different colour or a tick if a page is complete.

The Progress Extension is a menu that appears in the side navigation bar and when you pop it open it shows all the articles/blocks/components you add to it in the settings (seen below) and then marks them off with a tick when they are complete, that is they have scrolled into view or the question is answered or all the items are interacted with.

and in the menu: