Progress bar fraction and percentage

I understand the progress is based on the amount of pages in the topic; however, is there a way to make the progress track as 100% for topics rather than as a fraction?

Hi Samantha,

I’m afraid that’s how the menu works and distinuishes pages and topics - Topics display the number of pages within them that are completed, so will sort of be a percentage but will show x/y instead. When you go into the topic, there is a percentage progress for each page within them.

Makes sense. Thank you!

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Hello hmaffin,

I am having trouble in getting a course marked as 100% in menu even after finishing all the component in the course.

Is there a way to resolve it?

Hmmm that very much depends how you have set up completion for your pages and whether you have course attainment turned on?

Is there one particular page or topic that is causing the issue? Have you got Course Progress on so you can see which items are ticked as complete?

Some screenshots would help, or if you can DM me a link to the course URL we can take a look?

@Shailesh_Sharma did you find a solution? I am seeing this issue across multiple courses and I am beginning to think it is a bug with the latest update or something.

Hello @samantha and @Shailesh_Sharma I have discovered the issue for Samantha and I imagine it is a similar thing for you Shailesh.

Please check the completion status of ALL the components on your page. In Sam’s case it was a video component that only had text in - therefore this component was never completing and therefore neither was the article.

Just because you miss the component out from the progress menu doesn’t make it not necessary for completion. This can only be controlled if you use the cour attainment extension where you can granuallarly control what must/must not be completed.

I hope that helps.

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Hello @samantha

I have followed what @hbailey shared.

I went to progress extension set it on in the behaviour tab on the left made the last two option visible.

Went back to course to see which component was hidden and was just kept in the course.

Removed all the unwanted one and the completion was getting 100%.

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