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Hi all - just got feedback on my first Evolve course and the client asks if it is possible to have the quiz set to multiple attempts… By that they mean can they go through a course and then log out and when they log back in they can go through it again. I have no idea. I built the quiz using multiple MCQs which I know have multiple attempts per question. Bit stuck here.


Hi Doug,

To allow assessment retakes - go to Extensions > Course Assessment > Behaviour > Assessment Retakes and customise your options as you need.


Am I able to hide the assessment in the sidebar and just have the functionality? Or does it appear in the sidebar by default and I’m unable to hide it?


Depending on your navigation settings, you can hide it for sure.

We use the Course Navigation Extension, and Footer Navigation from the Edit Course Settings > Footer Navigation from the Content tab when you build the course.

There are also two settings that you should toggle on in the aforementioned Course Assessment Extension > Behavior tab, which are shown in the following image:

Hide Assessment Breakdown and Disable Course Assessment Completed Dialog.

This prevents any separate results page being generated and stops a dialog box pop-up when all of the chosen MCQs are completed.

Finally, with the Course Assessment Extension on, you will be able to use the following component:

This component is called, “Course Assessment Results.”

It looks like this to the user, when they are part of the way through answering your chosen MCQs:

It then looks like this when they have completed all of the chosen MCQs:

We’ve set one Retake in our assessment, but there is an option within the Course Assessment Extension to allow unlimited retakes too (Allow Unlimited Retake Attempts).

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