Configuring Assessments and functionality

I’m trying to figure out how the Assessment Extension works and am having trouble finding documentation. Can someone please tell me:

  1. When I click Continue, I see the test with all the answers and nothing I can do except close the window. What is the purpose of the Continue button?

2.When I clicked cancel, it took me back to the beginning of the test and let me answer all the questions again, however at the end it did not give me a score or anywhere to go. So I closed the window again.

Going back in I clicked Yes to retake this time and it allowed me to take the test again and gave me a score.

Is this the only option for the screen that shows when you click the first button (Presumably the title) from the last screen. Is there a way to allow you to see all the questions and answers and from that page retake the test? The Breakdown component is hard to use and clicking View Component does show you the entire test but with no way out of that screen. Is there a way out of that screen? Do I have to toggle something else on?

  1. What is average attempts taken? Can I turn this off? If I have my assessment set to unlimited attempts, why is this always 1? Where is this configured? For example I’ve retaken the test 3 times but the average says 1…

  2. If you accidently skip a question it doesn’t score and nothing tells you that you skipped a question.

Can we have a message that comes up if you submit without selecting an answer?

Thanks in advance!

sbaum and i discussed this offline - but there will be some more documentation and training on assessments coming soon.

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Is it possible to configure the assessment so that after a learner has passed, they can still review their score and answers of the test attempt they passed?

If so, how do you configure that?

Use the Course Assessment Extension - it will turn on the Assessment page they can visit at the end telling them their score and what they chose for the questions in the assessment.

Thanks, Helen. I did, but that doesn’t work. I can’t use local storage and I’m not using the Evolve or Intellum LMS…is that a factor in this working? So just to reiterate:

  1. Learner Passes
  2. Learner launches test to review all answers from the LMS


Sorry! What i read from your question was just can the learner see what their score is and what they chose for each answer at the end of the assessment. Do you mean more after they have closed the course, seeing past tries and scores?

If so, that’s the sort of thing that only an LMS can store and show, but they all do it differently. Moodle I know has an attempts list with a score for each attempt recorded but I think that was the limit - so unless you are using ore of an xAPI style LMS that actually pulls out the data then sadly things like answers chosen is lost once the course closes.

The local storage extension will keep the data for tracking progress but again will not store multiple attempts.