5.1 Assessment changes - suggestions

Hi team,

Great work on the assessment changes - that really does make things a lot easier for developer and end user I feel.

A couple of requests/suggestions if I may.

  1. Attempts taken, retakes taken and average attempts. Can we have the option to not show these? I don’t feel they add much to the user’s experience, at least from our view. They just want to know they have finished the course and if they have passed or not.

  2. Can we have the option on content locking and on Link buttons to make active/show/display only when assessment is passed or components are CORRECT, not just completed? E.G I have a button that links to the Downloads page so they can get their certificate (or to jump out to a URL for feedback and close the course) but there’s no way to keep that locked until they have passed (as I don’t use points or stars).

  3. Even better than 2 would be the option to open your certificate directly from the new course assessment results component. Then they don’t even have to leave the assessment screen then!

Thank you so much for the continued hard work and improvements!

Thanks for these, I have forwarded them to the Development team

Hi appitierre,

was there any update on this?

I would also like to remove the Average Attempts Taken dialog as the user finds it confusing.



I really agree too. It would be really great to implement 1,2 3. And especially “average” needs to be excluded.

Hello everyone,

More than a year has gone by, and the options to make the assessment result page more dynamic, even if only by having the ability to remove the features we do not want, like the Average Atempts taken (which by the way makes no sense!) , or the final quiz progress, would be much appreciated.

Evolve is a great tool, but the assessment and its features are not up to the standard.

Yoh can do this by creating your own assessment page and then using variables to make dynamic content appear. This has been out for a few months now. It was part of the logic release. You can make any page the assessment page.

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