How do I save students answers in a course

I have created an assessment. They get two attempts. On the second attempt, I want the students to only answer the questions that they got wrong. The correct ones will be highlighted 'correct

Please help. I feel it should be really easy but Im missing a setting somewhere

I’m fairly sure this isn’t available but would be a great option/feature to have - I know that improvements to Assessment are coming in the future - maybe an Evolver can answer with more of an idea?

Thanks for trying , thats a bit of a bummer if its not the case.

Thanks hmaffin

Hi Helen,

Has anything happened with this thread? I’ve got a client that wants the users to pass an assessment with a minimum 80% pass mark. If they pass with less than 100% they still graduate but with the option to review the questions they got wrong. I’m sure I’ve read that Adapt can do that. Can Evolve?


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Pushing this because that would be a very nice feature. I’d like to link to specific pages/articles there as well, giving the learner the chance to review the content again.