Course Assessment Reset Issue


A client of ours has been having an issue with one of their courses. The score of the assessment can potentially reset upon a revisit. It can play out as follows:

  • Visit 1: User completes the course and passes the quiz… let’s say they got 85%.
  • Visit 2: The quiz will reset BUT the score will still say 85% and be regarded as passed. Let’s say the user quits without redoing the quiz as it says they have already passed.
  • Visit 3: The course will reset the score to 0% and the quiz will reset. Score isn’t set up in the LMS so I was unable to see if this affected the score on the LMS side, but the course remained complete for me when I tested it, regardless of whether the internal course score or quiz would reset themselves.

On further testing, this only happens on assessments that use a question bank. I assume when the user is launching the course, it is pulling new questions into the assessment making it appear incomplete and confusing the score system.

Is there a way to stop this from happening or is it just a glitch in the matrix that may need to be addressed by Intellum?