Using a question bank

Hi, I want to use a question bank for the first time and have some queries before I do too much work! I couldn’t seem to find a knowledge base article that told me what I wanted to know.
I would like Evolve to select 10 questions at random from a bank of 20. Presumably, I create all 20 questions first?

  • Do I then add them all to one bank or multiple banks?
  • How do I specify how many questions to use?
  • Will the SCORM file report correctly to the LMS if I am only using half the questions available?

TIA, Lesley

That is correct - you can create one or more named Question banks of “y” questions (say 50) and it will then choose a random question from that bank for each question component you add into your course.


Here’s the KB article by the way: Question Bank Extension : Intellum

(It kind of got lost from the interface in the redesign, it will be put back at some point!)