Can I randomize block order?

I want to create a pre-test to give learners the ability to skip a chapter if they pass. The test is made up of 4 true-false statements to cover 4 learning outcomes. Each statement is is an MCQ component, drawn from a question bank, in a block; so 4 blocks in the article. Is there a way to randomize the block order in the article so the questions show in random order?

Hi Gilles,

No need for that - the whole behaviour of Question Banks is for the questions to be displayed at random, so as long as they are all drawing from the same QB, they will displayed in a different order every time the Learner views them.


Sorry, I should have been clearer. I’m using 4 different question banks, one for each learning outcome. If I use just 1 question bank, I can’t guarantee I have a question for each of the 4 learning outcomes.

If you’re only putting the 4 questions into it then you will get all 4 in a random order from the one bank.

But I have multiple questions for each learning outcome. All of this is an effort to prevent cheating. Having just 4 questions for all learners makes it too easy.

Oh I see - so you mean 4 questions for each of the 4 outcomes therefore 16 in total in one question bank??

Hey gilIes. I don’t think it’s possible to randomise the order of the blocks because there’s not an obvious way to generate a random variable using Evolve’s logic. However, you can have multiple banks of questions which you can organise by the outcomes/objectives you’ve got in mind. It sounds like you’ve already got things set up this way.

I think the questions displayed to a user are randomly selected when the page loads, so it’s unlikely (but not impossible) for two users to see exactly the same questions. Given these questions are drawn at random, I wonder if there’s much of a benefit to randomising the blocks. It would change the sequence of the questions but not the probability that a particular question would be drawn from the bank. If I were inclined to cheat or share answers with my cheating colleagues I think I’d collect the question and the answer combos in which case the sequence they were presented wouldn’t make much difference.

You’ve probably considered this but adding some more questions to the banks might be the best way to increase the randomness in Evolve. The only other option I can think of is showing/hiding blocks based on whether the preceding question was answered correctly or incorrectly - it’s not exactly randomizing the order, but it might at least be a means to jumble the blocks a bit more if that’s what you’d like to do.

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No, I’m using 4 questions banks, 1 for each learning outcome, with 4 questions in each bank.

Hello Ruppers, we’re indeed adding more questions to each bank.

And we’re also building the course so that only 1 question shows at a time and disappears once answered. Since we’re also using a timer, there is simply no time for learners to screenshot answers.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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