Duplicating question banks / questions

Hi guys,

I’m currently creating a course that uses question banks. I’ve found that I’m having to create each question bank and question from scratch, which is proving to be rather time-consuming and frustrating, considering there are common elements that are repeated in each question. For example, each question has the same image displayed when the user gets a question correct.

I’ve tried setting these elements in the question component itself, so I can duplicate the question component and simply point it to a different question bank, however, as soon I point it to a question bank, all component-level information is bypassed in favour of the question bank information.

Is there any way that I can speed up the process of creating these question banks?
Is there a way to duplicate a bank and its questions, so I only have to update the question specific-information? Or better still, is there a way of forcing evolve to use the component-level information where information is shared (such as correct/incorrect images), and using the question bank information where it differs (such as the question feedback text)? That way I can duplicate the component itself.


I think I’ve found a possible solution to this…

If I set the question bank questions to Use Global [Correct / Incorrect] Feedback then go into Settings > Globals > Questions and add the common elements in there (such as the correct/incorrect images) then these images are pulled through to the questions. Anything that’s left blank in the Globals settings but set in the question bank question (such as question-specific feedback text) is used in lieu of the Globals text. If you add feedback text in at a global level, but then add feedback text at a question-level, it looks like the two are combined, so there’s a way to have a generic statement set in Globals and then add some question-specific text in at a question-level.

Although it’s not a way to duplicate question banks / questions (which would be a really useful feature!), it does remove some of that duplicated work when creating questions with repeated/common elements.

Hope that explanation makes sense to anyone else that may come across this problem! If not, just let me know and I’ll try to explain it better.