Question components not drawing from question bank

Hi guys,

I’m creating an assessment that pulls questions from a number of different question banks. The final assessment will have 12 MCQ’s, drawing from a pool of 25 questions, that are split over 9 question banks. This is to ensure there are a certain number of questions from each topic (question bank).

In order to test all questions, I have a page that contains 25 MCQ components that each point to a question bank to draw their question from. For example, MCQ components 1-3 draw from bank A, 4-5 from bank B, 6-7 from bank C etc. I have enough questions in each bank to populate each component that’s pointing to it, however, when I preview, only some components are being populated, not all of them (please see attached screenshots).

Can anyone explain why this might be happening?



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Hey Andy.

Are all the missing ones from the same bank, or different ones?

Can you DM me a link to your course and I can take a Look?


Hi Helen,

There are missing questions from each bank. For example, in the first screenshot, Basic question 1 , Basic question 2 and Basic question 3 pull from the same bank. In the second screenshot, Payment question 1, Payment question 2, Payment question 3 and Payment question 4 pull from the same bank. I’ve DM’d you my course link as requested.

Thank you for the help,


hi @andyontrack - Helen asked me to take a quick look at this.

It looks to me as if you are using the question banks more than you think… at least I can see that your course contains 5 different MCQ components that are set to use the questions in ‘Basic Question Bank’ - but it only contains three questions, which is why two of them are not getting populated.

The other two MCQ components that are set to use this bank are called ‘MCh Question 1’ and ‘MCh Question 2’

Hope this helps!

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It may also help to know how I figured this out… I used the developer tools to see what bankid the unpopulated question was linked to:

Then published the course, unzipped it and searched components.json to see how many references to that bankid there were.


Hi Matt,

Thank you for looking into (and solving!) this issue.

You’re right, I have other MCQ components pointing to the question banks, but they are on separate pages. I was working on the assumption that a page would be loaded at the time of viewing it i,.e. page 1 would load and draw from the question banks, then moving to page 2, that would pull from the question bank.

Am I right in saying this isn’t the case then, and all pages are loaded at once, which is why I’m having this issue? Essentially because page 2 has drawn the remaining questions from the bank before page 1 can load them?

Thanks again for your help.

The simple answer is ‘yes’.

The more complicated answer is that, as Evolve is a single page application, ‘pages’ are really more a concept than an actual thing*… Basically when the Evolve ‘page’ loads, all the data is pulled in from the JSON files, then any and setup of the data (such as populating MCQs from question banks or restoring of tracking data from LMS) and then finally that data is rendered on screen. as you navigate through the ‘pages’ of the course it’s actually just re-rendering different data to the screen.

*A good real-world allegory would be that it’s like the difference between reading a paperback novel and reading the same novel on an e-reader.

Hi Matt, thank you for taking the time to investigate and explain what’s happening.