Question banks not appearing within course when extension is enabled

Hi everyone, I’m doing some testing with question banks, but I’m having a problem. I’ve created a question bank, and added a few image based questions.

However, when I go to add the question bank within a MCQ component, no question banks appear within the drop-down box.
Question bank 2

Does anyone know why this is happening?

Hey Tom!

So there are two different types of question bank - MCQs and Graphical (image) MCQs.

If you add questions to a GMCQ bank you can only pull those into a GMCQ Component, and you can only pull MCQs into an MCQ Component.

Hope that helps!

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in addition to @hbailey’s advice, the one thing I have done in the past is fill out all the details of an extension like question banks but not actually enable it.

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Thanks both, that really useful

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