Map Menu but not a menu

Wondering if there is a way to create map style branching menu on a page, but not be the main menu.

I have a course with a Box menu. On page two we introduce the layout of a retail store. I want users to be able to click on a section of the store to be taken a page that holds that information. Possible?

Hello @Steve.

I think I understand what you’re attempting to do. There are a couple of options you might explore as it’s not currently possible to set different menus for different areas of a course.

  1. Have you had a look at the Branching component? Now this wouldn’t display the store layout but you can embed videos, images and gifs - you could set up the scenario as if the learner was moving through the store and at each branch provide them with different avenues to explore.
  2. The Hotgraphic component - this will behave most like the Map Menu - you could have a store layout and each area, when clicked reveals information about the area of the store the learner has clicked.
  3. Another option would be to use the Flow Chart component and have images of each part of the store build vertically down the page.
  4. Finally a Branching video would be a similar solution to the Branching component but simpler - again learners could move through the store and be presented with different videos depending on their choices.

If you’d like a bit more information on the Branching component, along with a free, downloadable course, check out this link;

There are additional resources available for general Evolve questions at:

I hope this helps.

Thanks Matt.
I think you got what I was looking to do.
I have already looked at the different options and they’re not quite what I want. As our back up, we are using the hotspot graphic to display “the headlines” of the section then have a linked component beside it that links to the other parts of the store - but it’s not ideal.

I just checked in the hotspot content area and see that you can hyperlink to external content - what would be really sweet would be to be able to link to internal course pages from there. Like really sweet. That would totally solve what we want to do. I’m sure it’s just a couple of lines of code for you guys to update. :wink:

Thanks for the reply.


The hot graphic idea Matt described is exactly what I’m looking for right now. I need to be able to link to internal resources, like the link component lets you do. But the hot graphic doesn’t seem to support this. Is there a way to make this work? If not, I’m going to need to use the Media Grid instead…but still need a way to “get” the link of the items in the course resources?