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Hi. I need a separate page for each video and want to be able to navigate between them easily.
My desire is to have a left side navigation that I can use to navigate between pages. Is this possible with Evolve?

My wish would be a navigation like on this screenshot.

Hi @Pablo, you could have something approximating that - set up each page, and then enable the course navigation extension. That will open a left hand menu with a link to each page. There are then some limited styling options for course navigation in Theme > Extensions > Course navigation.
Hope that helps! cheers-Sam

Could he also use an infographic for that left side image with the page navigation to each page? And with tracking, even change the graphic when the learners come back to the launch screen. Maybe a bit more ambitious but another option.

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Thank both of you for your fast response!

@Sam_Cook_Evolve_QA Is it possible to have the navigation always open? I don’t like it when learners don’t see the structure.

@Martin So you mean I would have to create the navigation as an image outside of evolve?

Thanks @Martin, I wouldn’t have even thought to try it that way!

@Pablo unfortunately you cant have’t the left hand navigation permanently open with course navigation

Pablo – The image would be in Evolve, but yes, you’d have to ‘Snag’ or create something simple in PowerPoint to use as a base graphic. Then you’d use the infographic component to hide and show different sections and navigate to different pages.

To Sam’s point, you’d have the same issue with this approach that you’d have with course navigation. To keep the map visible, you’d need to copy and manage the infographic on each page. Either that, or you could just use a ‘return to menu’ button on each page navigated to and return to the base graphic with the a checkmark or other indicator to show the page was viewed.

So, unfortunately, a bit more work than the original suggestion of using the course navigation.

Thank you @Martin This is a good idea. Unfortunately, the design without responsiveness is not ideal for smartphones.
I think course navigation extension is the way to go. Even if the styling options are very limited. :frowning:
I hope in the future there will be the possibility for Custom CSS.

Is that component not responsive? The content you’re working with seems like it would work well when scaled down, but you’d have to experiment a bit - safer to go with the navigation, I suppose. viel Glück.

I like the idea. Very creative. Thank you @Martin :slightly_smiling_face:
Since I want this requirement as a default theme for multiple projects, I would like to see a more standardized solution.
I tend to work with the Navigation Bar for now.

I think it’s generally good to be able to see where you are in the overall process at all times when learning. Without having to navigate to a dashboard for that.