Can you put a new component per page? Without going into 'Course Builder' and it becoming a menu item

I’m trying to emulate Google’s Primer app which uses flash card style learning. Therefore I want the user to click next to get to each text component but I don’t want each individual component/page appearing in the menu.

Welcome to Evolve Wezwells!

If you don’t need a menu at all, the menu can be skipped to go straight to a first page, then you can have a forward/back navigation on each page.

In Edit Course Settings, go to Navigation section and turn on “Hide Course Menu” and then go to the Footer Navigation section and turn that on.

If you don’t want to use the footer navigation, you could always have a Link component in the article on each page which allows them to go forward (and another to go back) if you prefer.

Thanks for mentioning Google Primer - I’d not heard of that and have checked it out - quite funky!

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Thanks for the info @hbailey. I do still want a menu but maybe I’ll be able to build lots of mini courses and make the menu in the LMS instead.

Yeh with Primer I’m hoping to submit a “swipe” feature request for Evolve in the future for navigation too, as I like that as a UI element.

Thanks again