We're building example courses - what would you like to see?

We’re currently building resources to help new and experienced users get going with Evolve. Let us know on this thread the sort of use cases you might like to see covered here.

Are there combinations of components and extensions you’d like to know how to use?

Need a free course to get you started? What would you like to see in it?

Let us know.

These are currently in development:

  • video assessment course.
  • offline learning/experiential course using Branching to explore the topic.
  • a Search based “Resources” course.
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Course with tags extension

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I’d like to see something that utilizes the Google Analytics and Storage extensions. I want to see what it captures.


Hi I am working for War Child and we are currently using Evolve to build courses for our staff. However we are starting an exciting new project to develop e-learning courses using Evolve for children (in Jordan but expected in other countries at a later stage). I would love to see examples from anyone on e-learning courses that are accessible to young children (e.g. as of 6 years old)- as well as their caregivers/parents who may not always be literate. So we are looking for fun and appealing examples of the use of Evolve for children.

Hi Leonie and welcome!

What a lovely project to be working on, and It’s great you are using Evolve to do this!

I hope that some people come forward with examples, however my mind goes straight to the Infographic component - you could make some really nice interactive animations with it that entertain and engage the children. Nice big buttons, clear instructions and of course Evolve courses can be translated into and displayed in a choice of languages so you could use Logic to tailor the course to the level of the learner.

There is an example of an infographic here - Infographic Components : Intellum

I’d love to talk this through with you more if you like. Look forward to hearing more!
Helen Bailey

Thanks for your enthusiasm Helen,
I don’t think I can access the component as I have to login :wink: - is that correct?

Best Leonie

Apologies! Try again :slight_smile:

Hello Matt-C
We have been using Evolve for over a month and still haven’t figured how to get a proper navigation and SCORM tracking, so a simple course on one page, with the correct settings, Basic interactions and limits to be aware of would be great.
For exemple, I have realised that once a MCQ is completed, it can not be redone. Fine, but then if your have a progressive display of content and you quit right after the MCQ (without clicking on next), then the next time you play, you’re stuck. Anyway, a simple SCORM 1.2 page with simple 100% tracking would be nice to test and see.

Hi there!

You might want to check out our Evolve Hub and Level 1 course which may help - as you build a one-page course together and learn the basics of publishing etc.

For MCQs you can allow multiple attempts in the settings, the learner just has to click reset if they get it wrong.

Hope that helps!