Branching issue


I’m rebuilding a course in Evolve and my scenario is as follows:

  1. Single route splits into two new branches - (each branch linked successfully to a new page)

  2. Both branches need to rejoin a single route a little later on

I thought I’d need a single branch option on each of the new pages that just says ‘Continue’ and that would direct the user back onto the page of my choice (I guess I could use the original starting page, or create a new one for that purpose.

For some reason, there is no option to link to a page. I’ve tried creating a second branching option and just linking them together (thinking perhaps Evolve can’t treat the first branch option as the last, if that makes sense), but that hasn’t worked either.

Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong here, or perhaps have any advice?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Not quite sure I understand what you are trying to do - branching your course is not a specific feature of Evolve - but you can use the Link component to give the user a button at the end of any page to take them to a page of your choosing, and have multiples of these on a page?

Hi Helen,

Thanks for coming back to me. I didn’t realise that page-linking was so simple, so I was completely overthinking it.

I guess Adobe Captivate can do that to you, as I’ve just started using Evolve and it’s a completely different experience.

Thanks again!