Linking between topics and course end/exit

Have found your forum really helpful many thanks and as a newbie with Evolve am finding my way around. Have a couple of questions:

  1. I have one course that has four pathways within it, each pathway consisting of a series of pages containing articles/blocks etc. I would like to only show the option of the four pathways in a menu. I don’t seem to see a way of using the available menu options to do this and instead have an introduction page (home) which has a 4 images which are linked to the start of the pathways which are inside a topic. At the end of each pathway there is an option to return ‘home’. Is there a better way of doing this that I have totally missed?

Also my second question is about exiting the course, whether after each pathway or when all completed: What is the best way of doing this, have tried Link with an image but not sure that is doing what I want!
I have not got my head around how any completion of the pathways would be recorded, although there are activities/questions they do not have to achieve a specific score just need to go through the activities. A trigger on the summary page?
Many thanks again