Linking to another topic via a button?

Hi all… does anyone know how I can add a button to do a very simple thing and link to the next topic in a course. (I thought this would be a simple thing to do, but apparently not).

When I get to the end of a topic it doesn’t continue… so I need a way for it to continue rather than having to click the menu and select the topic there. I thought I had the solution via triggers but it’s beyond me… and the Link component… I’ve no idea how to add the url to the next topic menu… I’m completely lost.


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I think I may have figured it out…

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Hi Doug,

We have built similar courses (Topic > Topic > Pages) to take advantage of Evolve’s “baked-in” menus and learner completion feedback.

We used the Links component, and set an Internal Link to the next Topic menu, Page, or wherever we want the learner to go from there.

This is made much easier if you have strong naming conventions for the Internal Titles of your Topics and Pages.


Can you share your success please? Im in the same situation

Hi Melissa - I’m pretty new here too… but I can offer a few pearls of wisdom…

  1. Name everything, or you’ll get lost. Especially Component names and Articles, since you’ll want to copy these to other sections if you’d rather not do them over and over again. And being presented with a list all saying “article” or “component” will make it very difficult to narrow those down to the one you want unless you name them all.
  2. For the link to another topic question… you add an Article then Component (Links Component in this case), go into (edit) the links component and you can then follow the screenshot above this post. (from uniquenospacesshort

It can be very difficult to find things in this tool… but once you know, it’s easy to add.

Hope that helps.