How to have a course summary

So I have created a bit of content and 8 or so questions - however, once they have finished their questions I want the user to hit a ‘submit’ button and then a quick well done with a grade as a percentage.

This grade will then be configured to link to my Moodle course and then everyone can live happily every after!

I am new to evolve but I really want there to be a solution to make this work.

Please help

Hello @D_rafferty1 have you experimented with the Course Attainment and Course Assessment extensions? These will help you achieve what you’re after. You may also want to use a Link component to create a button on your course.

Using Course Attainment will give you options for deciding completion criteria. Course assessment will give your learner a breakdown of how they did on certain questions. Using the Link component would give you the option to create internal and external links on your course.

Have you had a look at the courses on ? These cover the components and interactions in Evolve in more detail and may be helpful.