Exit button on courses

How can you put an Exit Course type button in a course? E.g. like the one in tech nation courses?!

Hi @liw - the Exit Course button you are seeing in the Tech Nation example is coming from Bloom LMS not the Evolve course. So to have a button like that you would need to host your course inside Bloom LMS. You can find out more about Bloom LMS at https://bloomplatform.com

If you would like to add a close button to an Evolve course we have a short video to show you how.


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Hi, I know this question was raised 4 years ago, but I wondered if there is now the option to add an Exit course button to the top navigation bar.

I know that I can add an Exit course button within the Progress extension, but it’s a bit tricky to find if you have not opened the progress side bar to know it is there.

Thank you.

Hi @Sam_Cook_Evolve_QA Is there a way of adding an Exit course button to top navigation bar?

Thank you in advance.

Afraid not, Barry. You can have it in Progress like you say, or as an Action button if using Bloom or Exceed.

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No worries. :slight_smile:

I just like to be certain before I say no to people. Hence tagging Sam who has been super supportive on here recently.

Yep - Sam is a legend :slight_smile:

I guess this has just not been requested enough to be considered.

A third option I found out for you was to have a normal link and set the link url as


See if that works?

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Hi @hbailey

In the end, I’ve used a links component set as a button that also closes the course. I then added this at the end of each topic and they only show once the course is completed.


Our client loved the footer exit button that only appears once the course is complete. Just thought I’d let you know in case someone else asks for something similar :slight_smile:


I’ve just realised my solution had already been suggested back in 2018! See above. How embarrassing for me :laughing:

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Great minds think alike!

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