Return to Exceed Button that stays on page

Looking for some “Best Practice” ideas. For our annual compliance lessons we wanted to include a button in the lesson that would appear either side navigation or top navigation that would allow the learner to return to Exceed. We use the Page Progress extension and it has a “close lesson” button but that closes the lesson entirely we would prefer to have them return to the LMS (Exceed). Some of our courses are single page but can be long enough you have to scroll down so putting an action button at the top is not ideal. Any suggestions??

@hbailey might have some suggestions for workarounds - but honestly I don’t think this should really require a workaround, it should ‘just work’. I’ll see about getting that in place.

Thanks Matt! I was so excited when I saw the exit button on the page progress window but would LOVE it if there was an option to have that button return to Exceed.

I’ll see what I can do. It may not be as straightforward as I first thought!

In the meantime I’m curious as to why you would not direct learners to use the Exceed close button that should be showing in the top bar?

When we publish our lessons “inline” the top menu bar disappears so we cannot use that close button.

That is originally why we started looking for another option. We like publishing “inline” as it makes a nice smooth transition for our learners.

Maybe there is something we are doing wrong with our page settings that causes this to happen??

HJi @Jhouse is your inline course in a path? If so you should see a menu and a breadcrumb trail and a return to path button (or next activity) at the bottom of the page with the inline course.

If it’s not in a path, then how are you launching the inline course?

Currently it is a stand alone activity. Eventually I suspect it will go into a path with other activities but for right now it is purely a stand alone activity published inline.

This is what is found when you use it within a path:

I’ll need to take a look at a standalone activity to see what the process is but ultimately it will behave like any standard page within your Platform content, and you would just use the back button of the browser or a direct link to the place that you want them to “go back to” within Evolve.

yes…when enrolled the back button does work and that was the solution I mentioned to the team. They were hoping for a more “obvious” button as our learners can be a bit…“tech challenged” and may not think to use the back button :grinning:. Which I can definitely understand where they are coming from…however, I think now…most people know to use the back button and we can just make that a part of the intro video we are planning for when we release our compliance lessons.

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Hello Matt,

For some reason, the Exceed close button is missing on my courses. The learners have to close the browser tab to return to the path. When I create a new assessment activity, there’s a close button for that activity. But when I create a new e-learning activity, that close button is missing. Any ideas? I may have overlooked an option/setting when building the path?



Have you got Inline mode turned on for your courses?


You’d know because the Intellum title and navigation bar would be at the top of the page like this:

If not, then there should always be an X button in the top left when you launch an Evolve course as here:

And will have been launched from a small box on the activity page:

Let me know your situation and if still not sure, send me a link to your activity on the platform.


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Hi Helen,

No, i didn’t have the Inline mode on. We always use the simple SCORM LMS option for publishing.

This is my course on the LMS. The x button is missing.


Are you not using Managed by Exceed or Cloud sync to sync your courses to the Platform?

Anything added as a SCORM file will not automatically add a close button, it will expect there to be something built in to the course or for the learner to just close the tab.

If you’re sticking with this method of uploading the courses, then you might need to add a Links Component with Exit Course as the action, or an Action button to the course using Logic at the point where they need to leave which closes the course.