Course opening in two pop-up windows and exit course buttons not working?

When I make a new course, when it’s launched from the LMS it opens two windows, the normal window and another one that contains the text “We launched your course in a new window but if you do not see it, a popup blocker may be preventing it from opening. Please disable popup blockers for this site.” This happens whether “Export Package in a Popup” is checked or not.

Also, both “Exit exceed course” and “Exit bloom course” buttons no longer work, despite the Exceed buttons working before. I’ve tried the “Use Alternate Window Close Method” and it doesn’t change anything.

I’ve reported these together because they both started happening recently so might be linked? Thanks for your help.

Hi there,

Which LMS are you using? Exit Exceed and Exit Bloom will only work correctly in their associated platforms.

The “We launched your course in a new window” button sounds like it is inherent to the LMS and will need to be corrected within the settings for that, not Evolve.

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Thanks for your quick reply, it turns out it’s our LMS that was the problem.

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