Open link in same tab

I am adding a link to some body text and would like the link to open in the same tab rather than a new one. But even if I uncheck the ‘Open in new tab’ box, my link is opening in a new tab (have tried Chrome and Safari). Any help would be really appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey @spower !

There’s a setting in Course > Settings > Navigation - just check that that is set to “Use Link Setting” and not “Always Open New Window”


Hi @hbailey thank you so much for your quick reply, that’s resolved it :slight_smile:

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@spower apologies if this is stating the obvious but if your course is being hosted as SCORM (or similar) on an LMS (or the Intellum Platform), opening a link in the same window will break the connection between the course and the learning platform…

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@Matt_Leathes In my experience, the LMS API session is either in a TOC window (SCORM 2004) or in its own window, separate from the content. As a result, if you elect to launch in the same window as an author, that would be the content window, a bad practice but nothing that should impact the session window.

@Martin navigating away from the course will trigger the browser’s window.unload event which, in most learning content (and definitely in Evolve), triggers a call to LMSFinish (SCORM 1.2) or Terminate (SCORM 2004) thus closing the connection between course and LMS.

Which might not be a problem - but equally it might, esp. if the learner has an expectation they’ll be able to go back and restart the learning cleanly. Which might work… but again might not, depending on various factors.

So it’s just something to be aware of and - I would strongly suggest - to test thoroughly bearing all that in mind.

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