'Show Hidden Content' toggle not working in Live Preview


Is anyone else having an issue with the ’ Show Hidden Content’ toggle not working on the slide-out panel in Live Preview?

If I toggle the eye icon, I just get a blank page and no refresh happens.




it works perfectly fine for me. :thinking:
Did you by any chance disable the content instead of hiding it?

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Great suggestion id3 - it’s working fine here too Lee, but if you’re definitely having issues we’re happy to investigate if you can let us know your instance name nd the course details.


Thank you both for coming back to me!

I’ve just checked several other courses and I’m not able to use the ‘Show Hidden Content’ toggle on any page while in Live Preview. :frowning:

At least I know it’s not course-specific. I’ve tried it on two different computers (work laptop and personal PC and get the same issue. I’ve also tried using both Google Chrome and Firefox on the latter.

@hbailey - I’m happy for you to take a look, if you don’t mind.

By instance name, I think you mean: katiekennedy.evolveauthoring.com

This particular course is called ‘Salesforce Onboarding Course - EMEA Marketing’


Hi again Lee,

Just to let you know we were able replicate this, so it has been logged for the developers and they will take a look at it for you.

Hi Helen,

Thanks so much for something back to me, I really appreciate you passing it onto the developers for investigation too.

I’ll sit tight and wait to hear something further.


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