Is it possible to "pause" or temporarily turn off logic features in preview?

I wonder if someone can help with a question about using logic. In my course I have set up a variable and triggers so the majority of the course is hidden when the user starts, and it is only revealed once the user answers a question at the beginning.

My question relates to previewing the course. Whenever I make any sort of change in the course, the live preview “resets”, so I have to go back to the start and answer the question in order to preview the rest of the course. Is there is a way to “pause” or turn off the logic features whilst I’m previewing, and then simply turn them back on when I am ready? I figure there is probably a way, cos I don’t want to delete the variable/triggers and then have to add them all again at the end.
Thanks all.

Yes indeedy.

So using Quick Preview will show everything, instead of Live Preview.

But if you want to use Live Preview, you can roll out the little Toolbar using the blue < button at the bottom right of the window, and then use the Pause button in there to pause any refreshes that happen when you change the content.

Hope that helps!