Disable and Enable Articles with logic


Showing and hiding articles/blocks using logic is great. But I would also like to be able to disable and enable articles/blocks using logic.

It would make role-switching easier and I could set the ‘Page Completion Display Method’ to ‘All Page Components Completed’ and not have to worry about leaving some articles/blocks out of the list when using the ‘Select Page Components’ method.


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BarryBPS – With disabled content not appearing in a published course or preview, wouldn’t you have a potential QA and testing issue? Can you expand a bit on what you mean by role switching and provide a use case? Just curious.

Hi Martin,

We often have very large courses that are split and published for various roles. Sometimes we also use a Role selector in Topic 1 asking the learner to choose their role. Such as a manager or staff.

And sometimes we have regional-based content where the differences are so small that it does not warrant duplicating the entire course.

When you hide content it is still included in the course but it is never seen. This means the menu progress indication cannot reach 100%. So we either have to change how the menu progress indication works or leave the screen out of it altogether.

Being able to enable and disable articles would make it easier for me to have one big course with multiple shared topics (that remain the same for all roles) and some topics and articles that can be different.

I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Got it. Thanks for the clarification. I suppose then, it would also be great if a variable could impact the progress bar – completion of content could advance the course or topic progression but that’s probably a more difficult route to go. Triggers to disable/enable sounds like a great suggestion.