Logic trigger navigating to bottom of the page?

Hi All

I’ve got a course set up with an assessment and a results page.

On completion I am using logic to navigate to the results page.

On th results page i am using logic to hide / show articles depending depending on the pass or fail. i.e if the learner passes they are taken to the results page and shown pass articles. If they fail they get two fail articles.

**When the learner completes the course, it correctly navigates to the results page and shows the correct articles. Howver the page loads at the bottom skipping the content above.

There is no scroling. Just opens showing the bottom as if i’d scrolled past the preceding content.**

Any ideas as to what is going on / what i’ve done? :smiley:

I’ve attached ascreen shot of the logic trigger i am using incase that helps.tested on both Chrome and safari

Strangely i have another course built in the same way that doesn’t behave in the same way that one just goes to the top of the page.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I’ve found a work around. Incase anyone comes across this issue.

I used the couurse pass/fail to reveal the disired articles on the next page and then created an separate action button for the navigation.

Seems to work correctly.

Still curious what was causing the strange behaviour above if anyone has any clues as was more elegant.

Hard to know for sure without being able to see it in action but I’d be tempted to try reversing the order of the actions so that Evolve knows in advance which articles should be hidden and which should visible before attempting to navigate there.