Getting a "Close" dialogue box when starting a course

Hi all,

Working on a course and in Live Preview I’m getting a “Close” dialogue box when starting a course. See the attached. Can anyone help. Not sure why I’m now seeing this. Thanks!

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Hi Christopher,

I’m no expert, but I can think of some scenarios that might tigger that dialogue box:

Did you use logic in your couse? It’s possible to tie a trigger to course load (e.g. Event: course loaded / action: Show logic dialogue).
If you didn’t use any triggers so far, I’d take a closer look at your component. Is the very first component of your couse an interactive one? There are some components that allow feedback. In that case, that dialogue box would simply be an empty feedback box. You can simpy switch to Inline feedback to avoid the dialogue and check exactly when that component registers as complete (on view/on click).

A third options that comes to mind is Content Locking - if you locked the following article or page, this could be the dialogue notification that you unlocked something.

Let’s try to narrow it down! :smiley:

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Hi Christopher!

It seems you have activated the Video Introduction extension in your Extensions for your course - easily done and if you don’t add a video that is what you will see. Just turn off the extension to clear it.