Combining multiple versions of content with content locking

I am working on a page which contains a hot graphic of one of our offices. I would like to add additional hot graphics (on the same page) for each of our other offices but have the user only need to complete the office hot graphic relevant to them. Ideally if there was a way for them to only see one of these hot graphics as oppose to all of them that would be the best user experience.

In addition to this I am also using content locking, so a user is not able to continue until they have completed everything on a single page. Since in the above there are multiple options and only one is relevant, how would I go about allowing the user to unlock the next page by just completing one out of the several hot graphics?

I considered doing multiple versions of the module with one for each office, but literally the only difference is this one component so it seems a little over the top, and creates unnecessary maintenance overhead.

What would be the best way to approach this?

Hello John,

Welcome to the community. That’s totally doable in Evolve. Take a look at the tutorials for the Logic functionality. You can easily access from the help menu. You would hide the articles and then use the logic controls to display them conditionally based on variables or triggers.

Hi Derin, that’s great I look forward to making it.

Could you please point me to these tutorials since I have done a search in the help menu video guides but couldn’t find any logic related tutorials, similarly on the YouTube channel as well.

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Thank you Derlin :+1: