Can I unlock a component with button and logic

Hi everyone, I was exploring content locking, however couldn’t figure out how to let the learner unlock it.

Can I use a button and logic to unlock an article/component?

Thanks everyone!

Hi @linwong - if you look in the ‘Content Locking’ settings for the page/article/block you want to lock you’ll see the settings relating to how it should be unlocked.

As far as using Logic goes, I don’t think you can use it to ‘unlock’ content… but you can hide content then ‘unhide’ it using Logic, if that works for you?

FYI you can’t set content locking on a component - but you can set it on the containing block which amounts to much the same thing.

Hi Matt, thank you so much! I found it!

‘Select locking type’ doesn’t say much about unlocking doesn’t it… haha

Yeah I’ve used the hide before, but exploring locking now! Thanks again!