Toggle (action) button

Came across a situation recently where we used an action button to function like a toggle button - affecting some styling and showing/hiding some articles through logic triggers and variables.

While it worked fine, it’s a bit of a clunky way of doing it. It would be really useful to have a proper toggle button (either as a variation of the action button or as a new standalone component) to use in combination with logic triggers. In its simplest form it could just affect a true/false variable.


Nice idea @Ruppers , will pass that along


Another point about action buttons to add:

It would be great if there was a way to have more than two action buttons side by side. Perhaps it could function in the same way that the “Links” component currently works.

I’ve had a few situations where I’ve wanted three or four actions buttons next to each other horizontally, but currently that’t not possible.

I realise this is probably quite a niche problem, and one I can normally find a solution to, but it has come up quite a lot for me so would be great if possible!

Thanks :slight_smile:


@JamesLD Thanks, perfectly valid request, will raise with the team.

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@JamesLD Depending on the desired effect, I guess you could use half-width blocks with two action components or vertically stacked blocks to place buttons on top of each other. If you use an image for the button, and it’s wide enough, it almost appears the buttons are adjacent. But you’re right – better to just have the functionality baked into the component.

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