Can I put two buttons on the same component? Or has anyone got other ideas for creating a navigation?

Trying to go as minimal design as possible. So don’t want the full width footer navigation and want the new navigation components to match the text one above.

Use two half-width Links components in the block below your content? Then link each to the previous and next topics. Only thing is that you will have to manually edit each link on multiple pages if you add pages later on.

You can set the max-width of the page in your theme so that everything lines up, if you want to keep footer navigation and you can turn on various options in footer navigation like displaying the name of the page it will take you to.



Thanks @hbailey, Sorry for the delay - have been on vacation. I think I have used two-half width link components but they spread to full width. There doesn’t seem to be a way to constrain them to effectively quarter-width + centered.

When you have one component it centers itself but only takes up the space of half-width.
So, when you then have two components in a block below that - they take up a whole width.

I can change the page max-width to 600px for instance but it changes it for the whole page, not just the block that contains the button/link components. I can’t see a way to change the max-width of an individual block or even make it relative to the width of another component.

Will either only have one ‘next’ button (and use the browser back button) or will deal with the full-width components.

Thanks for trying though.