Action button styling

Hi All

I’m trying to style some action buttons but having issues with the ‘Action Appearance’ and ‘Action layout’ sections in the button styling section… they don’t appear to work?

I have the ‘Use Individual Button Styles’ enabled and the Warning styling works when I change the action button appearance to Warning so it is pulling through changes.

However the Button Action colours, borders, shadows and padding don’t seem to anything.

Apologies if I’m missing something obvious!


Hey nath,

Do you have an article style on the articles containing the buttons you are trying to style? If so you need to copy or set the settings to be the same within that article style too not just in the main theme…

Hi Helen

thanks for the quick reply. I was setting in the base style in the theme and the article had 'no article style set, but the same issue occurs if set the article to an article style and make changes in the correct article style. it recognises the warning colours but the action elements don’t appear to effect it. :frowning: