Hotspot graphic popup style customisation

I’ve been going around in circles trying to customise the ‘close’ button colour on the pop-ups of of the hotspots of my graphic. I checked the style for the article, the style for the button in the theme…
I checked the component item style… I can’t find where the settings are for this.
can anyone point me in the right direction? many thanks!

Hello @Angela_Gigica - this is probably coming from inside an Article Style . Click on the relevant article style > Element > Button.

The attached screenshot provides some context.

Also as you develop with a theme consider toggling “Show Article Style Labels in Preview” from under the General settings in your theme. This will display labels on articles showing which Article Style is being used. They are not included in a published course, so your learner won’t see them.

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Thank you, that’s quite handy being able to see which style I’ve used for each element.

I’ve running batty as well. None of my button styles are lining up with the hot spot button. I’ve applied multiple styles and none have the colour I’m seeing in the pop up. Any further help is much appreciated.

Hi Steve!

The hot-graphic pop-ups are notifications - so you need to change the Notification Dialog settings for this button. They can be found in the main Theme settings list.

Hope that helps!

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You are my saviour! I think I checked everywhere but there.

Unrelated question, that is somewhat relevant. The dialogue isn’t passed accessibility muster. I want to display the content inline. but below the image (not above). I think it’s confusing (and looks terrible to have it above). Is there a way to put it below?

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Hi Steve,

Do you mean the dialog pop up when one clicks on a hotspot within the hotgraphic?

Hey, sorry missed this coming in.
Yes, hotspot in the hotgraphic. I ended up contacting support on this, and they confirmed it only displays above (which makes no sense to me - but maybe if I saw it below, it would make less sense.


Hello! any idea if you can change the border radius for this close button? All my other buttons have rounded edges? Thanks!!

Hi Donna,

This button is taken from the base Button settings of the Theme - see below.


Thank you so much!! Very helpful!! :slight_smile:

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Legend, have spend over an hour trying to find this within the Article Styles

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