How to style transparent buttons?

Hi there,

my course has a transparent action button.

The editor says it’s possible to change the style of transparent buttons - but I just can’t find the set-up for transparent buttons in the theme.
Can someone help me out?


Hi id3!

So when you go to your Theme settings > Buttons, there is a section for Action buttons in there…

What is it you want to change on the transparent button?

Hello hmaffin,

thanks for the screenshot, I found the section for Action Buttons. I was a bit confused just where to set up transparent buttons - the Button section mentions Submit buttons, Feedback buttons and even Warning buttons, but no separate Transparent buttons.
I wanted to set up a border for my transparent buttons to make them a bit more noticeable.

I would suggest to just use a different article style and style the warning, action or submit button the way you want it to look.


that’s the workaround I’m using right now, but still - it’d be nice to be able to style the transparent button without using a separate article style.