Submit and feedback button change


I chose the setting of ‘Use Individual Button Styles’ so I can edit the submit button and the feedback button differently. However, they become really big when I click on this option, even though I didn’t change their settings at all.
Does anyone know why?

It’s probably just existing settings kicking in; if you scroll down a bit from the ‘Use Individual Button Styles’ toggle to the sections ‘Submit Button Appearance’ and ‘Feedback Button Appearance’ you’ll see what’s been set

I have checked many times and it’s just the same settings:(

Maybe I miss something and the settings are not the same in terms of size, where do I actually change the size of the button?

From the looks of your original screenshot I suspect it’ll be the Submit / Feedback Button Padding settings.

I have a feeling that for some reason (possibly just a mistake) those settings all default to 40px on desktop.

They also have custom settings applied for tablet/mobile so don’t forget to set those to something more sensible as well.

Wohoo it worked Thank you so much Matt for your help! I thought it was the same but I was already confused with all the settings.

Do you know maybe how I can separate them a little bit? (The submit from the show feedback)

Sure, you should be able to do that by applying some left margin to the feedback button, I think that setting is just under the padding setting

Thank you Matt! You helped me a lot

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