Please help: can't change button styling

Hi, I am quite new to Evolve. I followed all the steps in the theming tutorial, yet when I want use a link component that displays as a button, the colours are all wrong. I mean they are not the colours of the button I set in the button / theme settings. It is driving me mad… are there other settings I need to look into? I checked the link and there are no button colours available.

many thanks!

Are you using a particular Article Style? If so, go into the theme and select "Article Styles > (Your article style name), then select “Buttons” and make you adjustments there. You can customize your buttons for each Article Style.

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Hi Eric, thank you for replying. I figured it out. It was indeed an article style that was overriding the theme’s colours. I reset the article style and started from scratch and it worked fine this time around.
I must have switched on something along the way.
thanks again!

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@Eric.Rohrer I don’t see the option “buttons” under my specific Article Style setting - is there somewhere else I should look? I’m looking to only change the font color of the buttons we have throughout our course in different Articles.


Jenna - button text is under “Button” styling which is 5 items down from Article Styles on the left there in your screenshot. Within there is “Text Appearance”

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