Guidance for using article styles

Can someone point me in the right direction to find knowledge articles or video about using article styles? I’m struggling to find guidance on this topic. I found this community post from 2017 but wonder if it’s still accurate.

Perhaps, you might find this guide useful: EvolveTheming.pdf - Google Drive

Thanks. This does provide some useful information about the options within article styles.

I guess more of what I’m looking for is info about the process of using article styles. Is it helpful to set up a global article style and then individual ones like the post from 2017 mentions? And are most visual theme setting overridden if you apply an article style, or how does that work?

Hi! Here’s some guidance and I will make this into a more comprehensive Knowledge Base article to help others!!..

Article styles are like their very own little mini themes within your main theme.

When you set one up, you can copy all the default styles from the base theme and then just tweak each individual setting to make it stand out in the way you want, such as a different background colour for articles, or a different font style and colour for example.

When you change things in your base theme, the article’s styles will not change. SO let’s say you want to change the link colour throughout your course. If you change it in Theme > Link > Appearance it will change throughout the course except where you have article styles. For each article style, you need to to visit Article Styles> {choose your style} > Select “Link” from the drop-down, then either set your same colour changes there OR, even easier, use the Apply Styles button and select “Base styles” as the source article style and “Link” as your Source Element. This will then copy the base theme settings to your article style too. Do this for each Article Style.

Is there anything else you would like to know?

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Thanks! I appreciate the information; it is very helpful and I’m sure a knowledge base article would benefit others too.

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