Link colours not applying to all

I’ve created a course which includes hyperlinks to other web pages and an email address. Although I’ve set the link colour in the theme, it is only applying to some of the links and I don’t know why it isn’t applying it to them all. I’ve checked the links and they all work correctly.
Help please as it’s driving me up the wall!

Hi Lesley,

My first thought is that you have Article Styles on certain Articles that contain these links that don’t look the same, and that the settings for Links within those Article Styles are not the same as the default ones.

Do you want to check that first and let me know?

Hi Helen
Thank you for that. However, I haven’t applied any article styles and in one text component it has changed one link and not another. The course is called Climate Change 2021

OK! Worth checking first.

Can you tell me your Evolve Instance name? As in


hi Helen
I’m not sure! I log into Evolve using my email address and my name in the community is Lesley22
Thanks, Lesley

That’s fine I can get it from your email. Its the URL you visit to login to Evolve… for example Everyone has a different one that they chose when they signed up :slight_smile:

I have located the course, can you give me a specific example of where you are not seeing the correct colouring? A screenshot maybe or point to a particular component?

Hi Helen
In the section called What you can do there is a text box headed Support and further information and this has 2 links, one in each colour!
Thanks, Lesley :slight_smile:

Hello Lesley,

So I see them both in the same colour.

I expect that this is due to you having visited one of the links before, and therefore as your browser knows this, it is displaying the “Visited” colour for the link you have used, as is normal behaviour in website deisgn.

If you don’t want them to be different, you will have to set the Visited colour of your links to be the same as the active colour.


After I clicked the link to intranet (PS: this link did not work for me)

Maybe show the course to someone else, or open it on another device, and you will see how it looks to someone who has not been to those links before.

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Hi Helen
This is very strange! This is what I see before I click one of them:
before click
After I click them they both turn darker blue (the colour I had set in the theme):

I think I’m just going to have to delete them and start again :frowning:
Thanks, Lesley

I would assume that this is a browser-based issue rather than anything you have done wrong. I was using Chrome on a Mac. What are you viewing with?

Hi Helen
I think you’ve solved it! I was using Edge on a PC/laptop. I’ve just tried in Chrome on the laptop and it shows fine!
Thank you :slight_smile:

Sadly the problem with the variety of browsers available and people’s personal viewing and display settings - you will never get a consistent look - best you can do is try in a few different browsers and see if it looks ok before you launch :slight_smile:

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