Reveal another block/component with a click of a button


Is it possible to have an interaction that when the user clicks on the button he reveals the next component/ block inside a page? (I know there is an option to move from one page to another, but I want them to reveal the content in the page by clicking on a button)

I didn’t see this option available in the list:

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Yes, you can do this through logic.

Leave the action of the button to “no action”.

Set the relevant component/blocks to “hidden” in the page editor.

Navigate to the logic section of evolve (the lightning bolt) and create a new trigger with the trigger type as “Action button clicked”. Select the relevant action button, then set the “Action” to “reveal hidden components/blocks” (whichever is relevant in this case, you can do both in one trigger if necessary by clicking “add action”) at the end. Then add the hidden components into the field below.

Here’s the link to the full logic guides.
Advanced Features : Intellum

Hey Thank you for the detailed answer!
Do you know if there is an option to create a page with only one component and then by clicking on a button to change the component but still in the same page? Or do we really need to create a different page for each component?
I have added an example:

Hi, yes this is absolutely possible.

All you would need to do is follow the steps in my previous comment to show the desired component, and add an additional logic action to hide the previous one.

So your logic trigger would look like:

Event: Action button clicked
Condition: the action button (looks like the “next” button in your example)
Action: hide component (insert the first component that needs to be hidden)
then add a new action below that
Action: show hidden component (insert the next component to appear).

It looks like you’ll be using “next” and “back” action buttons - so you’d just need a new “next” action button for each component, since buttons can only have one action assigned to them. So you’d repeat the process above for the action buttons too.

In the page editor, you’d have all your components stacked on top of one another in one article, with all the “next” and “previous” buttons below them