Social MCQ problem when restarting course

Hi community,

I need your help trying to set up the social MCQ component.
I don’t have the storage extension enabled, so my social MCQ component uses mock results.

I’m currently testing my course on SCORM Cloud.
The social MCQ works fine on the first try. But if I complete the social mcq component, leave the course (= course completion incomplete) and then restart the course, the component sends an error message.

I’ve tried to use logic to avoid this (Event: course loaded / action: reset component). With this setting, the social MCQ works every second time the course is loaded.

:thinking: Has anyone encountered this error? Or is it maybe a SCORM Cloud problem?

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Our first advice would be to look in console and see if there are more details about the error?


here’s a screenshot of the error in the console:
Screenshot 2021-11-10 114703

Our dev thinks that’s the MCQ results graph, and is investigating!

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