Reset MCQs when revisting the course

Hi, I’m not sure how I have not noticed this before, but it feels like quite a big issue for me that I hope is a simple setting change.

I have MCQs that display the feedback inline underneath the question. However, if you close the course down and reopen it again, you cannot answer the question again and the feedback is hidden, like so:

Is there a setting that will either allow the MCQ to be answered again, or retain the feedback underneath the answered question.

This question is not scored and part of an assessment, but I would like the learner to be able to see the feedback again.


And if I want to set an MCQ to unlimited attempts do I simply add a big number here:


I can’t seem to remember how I used to set an MCQ to have unlimited attempts.

Thank you.

Hi Barry, I have tried a few different settings and publish options, and it doesn’t look like it is possible to retain inline feedback displaying across sessions. The easiest workaround would be not to display the feedback inline (so the show feedback button is available)

I think a high number of attempts is the best way to allow the learner to repeatedly answer the question,

Hello. What we have done (using logic) is create a component - action button ‘Restart’ - that appear once the MCQ component is answered. When this Restart component is clicked, we associate a logic event > restart component MCQ, and hide the Restart button. Hope it is clear !


Hi Indusmakers,

Thank you for the idea. It works great.

Many thanks,


HI @Sam_Cook_Evolve_QA Thank you for your suggestion. I switched on the Show Feedback button, but this is greyed out for a returning learner. So it’s not possible to see the feedback again.

I think we may go with Indusmakers suggestion above, but this will aslo reset the SCORM completion to Incomplete until the MCQ is completed again.

Is there way of changing the SCORM settings so that once it is marked as Complete, it will remain as Complete?

Many thanks,


Hold that thought! I don’t think completion is reset. Let me test again and I will get back to you.

Hi Barry, it’s my understanding that in a SCORM LMS, once a completion status is set, it isn’t reversed, even if some of the content resets. But this should be checked to be accurate of course, as I don’t know if particular LMS might handle it differently.


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Hi Sam, I can confirm completion is not reset.

It’s the menu button progress indication that is reduced from 100% when an MCQ is reset. But as topic locking/unlocking and SCORM completion is not affected, I can live with this.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Have ran into this exact issue and came to ask about it.

The core issue here seems to be that the feedback is not displayed upon revisiting the course. I am wondering if this is something that could be changed in future releases?


I agree with @Mitch - would love to see this in a future update!
Since the LMS/SCORM completion isn’t affected, it would be great if upon revisiting feedback would still be displayed.

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